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Photos before attack

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These photos of USS Liberty and her crew were taken prior to the Israeli attack on June 8, 1967 and show clearly that the ship and crew were not a military threat to anyone.

This photo show an Israeli recon aircraft orbiting USS Liberty in the morning hours of June 8, 1967.
Crewmember observing Israeli reconnaissance aircraft prior to the attack
Executive Officer LCDR Philip Armstrong with chiefs Thompson, Lambert, Benkert and Smith before the attack. Armstrong and Smith died.
Captain McGonagle sunbathing about an hour before the attack
Sunbathers - These are two of the men the pilots must have seen. In the foreground is our Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Philip Armstrong. He died soon after this photo was taken. In the background is Lieutenant George Golden, the ship's Engineering Officer.
Happier Times - XO, Lieutenant Commander Armstrong, in his stateroom in happier times well before the attack
This portrait of the ship was taken in late 1966 and shows her appearance before the attack.
Another photo of USS Liberty, taken in 1966.
Liberty at dock, October 1966.