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Governmental, Agency, and Other Reports

There have been a number of reports relating to USS Liberty. Most of them are nothing more than summaries of materials gathered by others, not investigations where testimony and other evidence was presented. Still there are some who try to pass these summaries off as "investigations that exonerate Israel." On the contrary, where any opinion is expressed at all, it usually tends to incriminate Israel.

Attack on a Sigint Collector—1981
Also known as "the Gerhard Report," this document was produced by the National Security Agency. Significant portions of it, particularly those relating to USAFSS airborne collection platforms, are still classified.

US Navy:Court of Inquiry:Liberty Incident—June 8, 1867
The US Navy court of inquiry "investigation" began before USS Liberty made port following the attack and was completed less than ten days after the attack. The public copy of the NCOI transcript has been denounced as a fraud by the JAG officer responsible for certifying the original transcript.

Report of the Moorer Commission—October 22, 2003
A private commission chaired by former Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Admiral William Moorer, investigated the facts and circumstances surrounding the Israeli attack on USS Liberty and issued this report.

Report of War Crimes Committed Against US Personnel—June 8, 1967
The formal war crimes complaint filed by the USS Liberty Veterans Association with the Secretary of Defense.

Clifford Report—July 18, 1967
Report by Assistant to the President Clark Clifford, summarizing the facts known as of June 12, 1967.

JCS Report—June 8, 1967
This report detailed the message handling of US forces before and during the attack. It does not deal with the attack, damage to the ship, casualties, or anything else not having to do with message handling.

Salans Report—September 21, 1967
Report by State Department Counsel Carl Salans, summarizing the known facts as of June 22, 1967.

Report to the Director (NSA)
This report, issued in 1981 and still heavily redacted, describes facts and circumstances associated with the attack on USS Liberty.

Charges Brought by the IDF Chief Military Prosecutor—1967
Within a few days of the attack on USS Liberty, the IDF Chief Military Prosecutor brought formal charges against many of the IDF officers involved.

Israeli Report: The Ram Ron Report—June 16, 1967
The initial Israeli report issued following the indictment of a number of Israeli military personnel following the attack.

Israeli Report: The Yarushalmi Report—July 21, 1967
The Israeli report issued subsequent to the Ram Ron report, exculpating all Israeli personnel from responsibility for the attack.

Israeli Report: The IDF History Report.
The 1981 Israeli report stylized as "the official Israeli version of the attack."