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Photos of equipment

Equipment Before attack During attack After attack

The photos below show examples of the types of equipment used by the parties in the area on June 8, 1967.

USS Liberty
USS Liberty as she appeared before the attack
USS Saratoga
USS Saratoga launched rescue aircraft
USS America
USS America launched rescue aircraft
USS Davis
USS Davis-the first ship to meet and render aid to Liberty following the attack
USS Massey
USS Massey-the second ship to arrive and assist Liberty
USS Papago
USS Papago-the seagoing tug that met and brought Liberty to dry dock in Malta following the attack
Navy EC-121
Navy EC-121 Airborne Intercept Platform-intercepted some of the Israeli radio traffic at the end of the attack
Air Force EC-130
Air Force EC-130 Airborne Intercept Platform-intercepted the Israeli air to ground communications during the attack
Navy E3B
Navy E3B Airborne Intercept Platforms were operating in the area
Navy F-4 Fighter
Navy F-4 Fighters were launched by both carriers to aid Liberty but were recalled. Israelis broke off their attack and reported that they had made "a mistake."
Navy A-4
Navy A-4 were launched by the carriers to aid Liberty
Navy A-1 Skyraider
Navy A-1 Skyraiders were launched by the carriers. These aircraft, had then not been recalled, would have been able to remain on station for a very long time
Israeli Torpedo Boat
Israeli Torpedo Boat-three attacked Liberty with torpedoes, cannon, and machine gun fire
NordAtlas Recon Aircraft
NordAtlas Recon Aircraft reconed Liberty throughout the day of the attack
Israeli Mystere 3 Fighter-Bomber
Israeli Mystere 3 Fighter-Bomber attacked Liberty
Israeli Mirage 3 Fighter-Bomber
Israeli Mirage 3 Fighter-Bomber attacked Liberty