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USSLiberty survivor James Kavanagh

USSLiberty survivor Joseph Lentini

USS Liberty survivor Richard Sturman

USS Liberty survivor Larry Weaver

Captain Richard Tully, USN, Retired

Captain Ward Boston, USN JAGC, Retired

Rear Admiral Merlin Staring, Judge Advocate General of the Navy, Retired

Air Force intelligence analyst Steven Forsland

Air Force intelligence analyst James Gotcher

Navy Communications Technician Harold Cobbs

Israeli Air Force pilot Yifteh Spector

Audio interviews

David Walsh interviewing LCDR James M. Ennes, Jr. USN Ret. Commander Ennes was an officer on the bridge during the attack on USS Liberty

David Walsh interviewing Adm. Bobby Ray Inman. Admiral Inman was Director of the National Security Agency and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

David Walsh interviewing Oliver Kirby, former Operations Director, National Security Agency.

David Walsh interviewing CMDR David E. Lewis, USN Ret. Commander Lewis was an officer on board USS Liberty during the attack as was in the research compartment when the torpedo struck.

David Walsh interviewing Lt. Gen. William Odom. General Odom is a former Director of the National Security Agency.

David Walsh interviewing Maj. Gen. John Morrison, General Morrison was NSA Deputy Director of Operations at the time of the attack.

David Walsh interviewing LT. Charles Tiffany. Lt. Tiffany was the navigator on board the Navy EC-121 that intercepted some of the Israeli transmission.