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The Village of Migliacciaru, Corsica
57th Bomb Wing HQs
October 1944 to April 1945
The Village of Migliacciaru, Corsica in the 1950s.
The village of Migliacciaru, Corsica was HQs for the 57th Bomb Wing from October 1944 to April 1945. 57th CO Brig. Gen. Robert D. Knapp moved into House #1 (black number 1 in photo) in June 1944. He moved into House #2 in November 1944 where he lived with some of the Wing's officers. Some of the Wing's staff also lived in House #1. Dominique Taddei moved from Senegal to his grandfather's House #3 in October 1944. His family eventually moved into House #2 in August, 1945. The village church is #4 in the picture (from Dominique Taddei).
General's Eakers and Knapp exiting House #2 in 1944.
Left Photo: Lt. Gen. Ira C. Eaker, CO of MAAF and Brig. Gen. Robert D. Knapp, CO of 57th Bomb Wing exiting House #2 in 1944. Right Photo: House #2 as it looks today (note grate).
House #2 in Migliacciaru
House #2 in Migliacciaru
Recent view of House #2.
Two more recent views of House #2- home for the 57th BW top brass in 1944-45.
Another view of House #2.
Another view of House #2
57th BW Color Guard outside House #2.
57th Bomb Wing Color Guard outside House #2 circa 1944-45.
Top brass of 57th Bomb Wing.
L-R: Heinlen, Pemberton, Olmstead (321st), Bailey, Knapp (57th CO), Bower (310th), Smith (321st), Chapman(340th) Remington (310th). From a 57th BW Newsletter.
Top brass of 57th BW Christmas 1944.
December 25, 1944 in the dining room of House #2.
(Dominique says the cabinet is still there.)
Top brass of 57th BW Christmas 1944.
December 25, 1944 in the dining room of House #2.

All photos and info courtesy of Dominique Taddei.


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