1. 57th Bomb Wing emblem from 'Men of the 57th.' 2. 12th 
AF patch from Russell Callahan (489th BS). 3. MAAF patch from WWII. 4. 12th AF patch from Quen Kaiser (489th 
BS). 5. U.S. Army Air Force patch.

12th Air Force Groups on Corsica - 1944

Corsica Map with Airfields for Groups of the 57th Bomb Wing HQs 63rd Fighter Wing from October, 1943 to October, 1944. HQs 87th Fighter Wing from March to May 1944.
15th Field Hospital, 2d Platoon (as station), 100 beds from December 1, 1943 to October 16, 1944. 60th Station Hospital, Bigulia, 350/500 beds from November 6, 1944 to March 4, 1945.
40th Station Hospital, Bigulia, 200/500 beds from February 1 to May 3, 1945. 3rd Photographic Reconnaissance Group (P-38 F-4, F-5) from July 14, 1944 - September, 1944 47th Light Bombardment Group (A-20) from July 11, 1944 to September 7, 1944. 27th Fighter Bomber Group (P-40, P-47) from July 12th to August 24th, 1944. 79th Fighter Group (P-40, P-47) from June to August 25, 1944. 57th Fighter Group (P-40, P-47) from March to September, 1944. 35th Station Hospital, 500 beds from March 1 to September 10, 1944. 40th Station Hospital, Detachment, 350/150 beds from October 14, 1944 to 
April 14, 1945. 7th Medical Depot Company from May, 1 to June 1, 1944. 684th Quartermaster Base Depot Company from June 1, 1944 to March 21, 1945. 80th Medical Base Depot Company from March 
21 to April 10, 1945. 340th Medium Bombardment Group (B-25) from April, 1944 to April, 1945. 310th Medium Bombardment Group (B-25) from December 10, 1943 to April 7, 1945. Headquarters for 57th Bombardment Wing. from April 20, 1944 to 
October 5, 1944. 15th Field Hospital, 1st Platoon (as station), 100 beds from April 28 to October 28, 1944. 40th Station Hospital, Detachment, 150 beds from October 28, 1944 to April 8, 
1945. Headquarters 57th Bomb Wing from October 5, 1944 to April 7, 1945. 321st Medium Bombardment Group (B-25) from April 23, 1944 to April 1, 1945.

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Insignia of the mediterranean allied air forces.

Mediterranean Allied Air Force (M.A.A.F.)

*Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder, Air C-in-C (Feb. 15, 1943) (as MAC)

Lt. Gen. Ira C. Eaker, CO (Jan. 15, 1944)

Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force (M.A.T.A.F.)

Air Vice Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham (Feb. 17, 1943) (as NATAF)

Lt. Gen. John K. Cannon (Dec. 21, 1943)

12th Air Force

Maj. Gen. James H. Doolittle (Sep. 23, 1942)

Lt. Gen. Carl Spaatz (Mar. 1, 1943)

Lt. Gen. John K. Cannon (Dec. 21, 1943)

Maj. Gen. Benjamin W. Chidlaw (Apr. 2, 1945)

XII Bomber Command
Brig. Gen. Robert D. Knapp, CO (Jan. 1, 1944)
57th Bomb Wing 42nd Bomb Wing
47th BG (A-20) 17th BG (B-26)
*12th BG (B-25) 319th BG (B-26)
310th BG (B-25) 320th BG (B-26)
340th BG (B-25)  
321st BG (B-25)  
57th FG (P-40)  
79th FG (P-40)  

*Marshal of the RAF Lord Tedder became General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Air C-in-C & Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces (SHAEF) on Jan. 17, 1944.

NOTES: The 3rd Photographic Reconnaissance Group stationed at Borgo, Corsica was not actually assigned to the 57th Bomb Wing but their mapping and recon work was critical to the Wing's operations. *The 12th Bombardment Group (B-25) was assigned to the 57th Bomb Wing of the 12th AF in September, 1943 but was reassigned to the 10th Air Force in the China-Burma-India Theater in February, 1944. The 12th BG was never stationed on Corsica. All the groups of the 42nd Bomb Wing were transferred to the 15th AF in November, 1943 but the three B-26 groups were transferred back to the 12th AF in January of 1944. ^The 319th converted from B-26s to B-25s in November of 1944 at Serraggia, Corsica and became part of the 57th Bomb Wing at this time before transferring back to the States in January of 1944. The 17th BG (B-26) was stationed at Poretta and the 320th BG (B-26) was stationed at Alto for some time in 1944. In April of 1944 the 57th and 79th FGs were reassigned to the 87th Fighter Wing in Italy, and the 47th BG (A-20) was reassigned to another Wing at the end of 1944.

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