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USS Liberty Facts
Wikipedia: USS Liberty incident
USS Liberty veterans await attack inquiry
Naval Aviation News, August 1967
Wikipedia: Dwight J. Porter
In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson named Porter United States Ambassador to Lebanon, and he held this post from June 22, 1965 until September 12, 1970. He was thus Ambassador to Lebanon during the Six-Day War, and later commented publicly about the USS Liberty incident.
A Juridical Examination of the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty
The Attack on USS Liberty
Gp Capt M Kamal Uddin (Retd),
American Legion
Proceedings of the 99th National Convention of the American Legion, held in Reno, Nevada from August 22-24, 2017.
American Legion Joins VFW in Calling for Congressional Investigation of Israel's Attack on USS Liberty

The Guardian: USS Liberty cover-up blown apart
Refers to the article that appeared in Penthouse magazine.

U.S. Government

Report of the Armen Services Investigating Subcommittee
May 10, 1971
Congressional Record Volume 150, Number 130 (Monday, October 11, 2004)
HON. JOHN CONYERS, JR. of Michigan in the House of Representatives, Thursday, October 7, 2004, Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry Into the Israeli Attack on the USS ``LIBERTY,'' the Recall of Military Rescue Support Aircraft While the Ship Was Under Attack, and the Subsequent Cover-Up by the United States Government
National Security Agency Central Security Service
Special Series, Volume 1, Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, by William D. Gerhard
Clark Clifford Report


Assault on the Liberty by James M. Ennes, Jr.
Published by Random House, July 1979, ISBN 978-0972311601
Attack on the USS Liberty, Realpolitik Gone Haywire
Richard D Lee, December 6, 2012, ISBN 978-1288410576


This page on the USS Liberty Veterans web site lists the medals awarded to crew members.
Presidential Unit Citation
President Lyndon Johnson awarded the USS Liberty the Presidential Unit Citation.
Silver Star recipient dies
James Terry Halbardier repaired the antenna that allowed the Liberty to radio for help.
A USS Liberty’s Hero’s Passing
Interview with Chief Terry L. McFarland 'We're Fed Up With It': Survivors of the USS Liberty Look for Answers 55 Years Later


Wikipedia: Iftach Spector
Iftach Spector was one of the Israeli pilots involved with the USS Liberty attack. Spector claims to have been flying a Dassault Mirage fighter firing 30mm antiaircraft explosive rounds.
'But Sir, It’s an American Ship.' 'Never Mind, Hit Her!' When Israel Attacked USS Liberty
Haaretz, written by Ofer Adert, July 11, 2017. This is an example of an Israeli author dismissing the evidence about Israel's deliberate attack on the Liberty.
The Jerusalem Post: Pilot in the room
Yiftah Spector is the lead pilot who attacked Liberty. In his book, "Loud and Clear: The Memoir of an Israeli Fighter Pilot" he admits that he may have been deceived by "higher ups" in his chain of command.


Wikipedia: USS Liberty (AGTR-5)
Wikipedia: Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation
Wikipedia: Technical research ship
IAF Aircraft Inventory: Dassault Mirage IIICJ (Shahak)
Dassault Mirage
Wikipedia: Dassault Super Mystère
The Israeli Air Force acquired 24 Super Mystères in 1958. They were used to attack the Liberty.
Wikipedia: DEFA cannon
Israelis used this gun on the Mirage III.
Wikipedia: Nord Noratlas
The Nord Noratlas was a dedicated military transport aircraft, developed and manufactured by French aircraft manufacturer Nord Aviation. One of this aircraft surveilled Liberty on the morning of the attack.
Wikipedia: Douglas A-4 Skyhawk
Wikipedia: AGM-12 Bullpup
Wikipedia: Aérospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon
From the Sea to the Stars
A Chronicle of the U.S. Navy's Space and Space-related Activities, 1944-2009. Describes Communications Moon Relay (CMR) System and TRSSCOM.
Attack on a Sigint Collector
National Security Agency Central Security Service, United States Cryptologic History, mentions TRSSCOM and much more