...between reality and what’s reported by the news.

The Gap is a newsletter for those whose main news source is cable television. News networks like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC tend to be highly biased and are greatly influenced by the two political parties and their wealthy donors. This newsletter strives to present facts without partisan and media bias.

Feel free to print this newsletter and mail it to friends and family who don't have convenient access to the Internet. Here are tips for printing the newsletter.

Issue 1 - July 2023
CNN No Friend to Railroad Workers
Veterans Hoax
Foreign Aid
Clean Coal and Trees
College Costs
Middle East Democracies
We Created a Monster
Three Branches of Government
Republican Gun Confiscation
Rocket Reusability
Issue 2 - August 2023
Military Spending
Can’t teach an Old Navy New Tricks
Afghanistan and Iraq Wars a Bipartisan Disaster
Molten Earth
Territorial Voting
Government Regulations
COVID Origin
Issue 3 - September 2023
Debt Ceiling Insanity
Invading Mexico
China's Freedom of the Seas
Fossil Fuel Waste
Attacking the Dictionary
Space spending
India's Moon Rover
Issue 4 - October-November 2023
USS Liberty Incident
USS Liberty Survivors
Are aircraft carriers obsolete?
Why Electric Cars Are Better

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