This map shows the locations of all the significant active airbases (including UAV), naval, and missile bases in the world. Not shown are Army bases, and bases for training, support, munitions, command and control, etc.

The triangle-shaped markers represent groupings of ICBM silos in the U.S. Russia, Israel, and China. Most Russian and North Korean ICBMs are on mobile launchers, so there are few ICBM markers. You can see the individual U.S. silos on the U.S. Missile Silos page.

Colored markers are used to show the bases of the three "superpowers" as well as North Korea. The blue markers show U.S. and NATO bases, since the U.S. is the largest member of NATO. In many cases, the U.S. and/or NATO shares the base with the military of the host country.

China China 
Russia Russia
North Lorea N Korea



The United Arab Emirates (UAE) now has a presence in Bossaso, Somalia, but no major base yet. The UAE is also planning to build a base in Mogadishu, Somalia. Russia wants to build a base on Sudan's Red Sea coast, but the U.S. is pressuring Sudan to refuse it.

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