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The 489th Bombardment Squadron on Corsica


This site is established as a personal history and tribute to my father, Quentin C. Kaiser, who served as a radio-gunner on B-25 Mitchell medium bombers in the 489th Bombardment Squadron of the 340th Bombardment Group stationed at Alesani, Corsica in 1944-45. My father flew 65 combat missions from Alesan Air Field during his time on Corsica from May 16, 1944 through March 11, 1945. This site is also meant to be a tribute and memorial to all those who served and participated in the Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force during World War II, especially those who sacrificed their lives in doing so. The names and photos of some of the deceased and missing in action from the 489th Bombardment Squadron can be seen here.

I have always been fascinated with my father's old "WWII stuff" including his uniform, A2 flight jacket, mess kit, dog tags, medals, decorations, piece of flak, burst 50-caliber machine gun shells, mission log, squadron book and especially his collection of photographs from Corsica. Now I have an opportunity to share his interesting collection. Recently, my father and I along with my brother Richard, decided to preserve, document and share his photographs and memories from Corsica through the creation of this web site. My father chooses his favorite photographs and writes down what he can remember about them, gives them to my brother to scan and my brother emails them to me to post on this web site along with my father's comments and recollections. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

The 489th Bomb Squadron Book published in 1947 by staff and personnel of the 489th probably tells the squadron's story most completely and accurately.

Finally, I have obtained an enormous amount of information and assistance from many people with an interest in the 489th Bombardment Squadron, the 340th Bombardment Group, the 57th Bomb Wing, the 12th Air Force and WWII aviation history in general. It has been a real pleasure to become acquainted with these people and to share information centered around our mutual interests.

I am especially indebted to Dominique Taddei from Migliacciaru, Corsica who has an amazing collection of photographs and information obtained from veterans of the 57th Bomb Wing and from years of personal research. Dominique has also helped to create a memorial tablet (monument) to the men of the 57th Bomb Wing on the air field at Ghisonaccia, Corsica. The link provides pictures and a description of the monument and the 1997 ceremony of its unveiling.

The following people have contributed to this site:

Quentin C. Kaiser Richard C. Kaiser Dominique Taddei Alexandre Durastante Guy Juliens Giuseppe Versolato Jean Michel Casanova Michel Martraix Steve Pace Bob Perry Dana Craig Bob Silliman Mike Laney Bob Haney Family of Joe Moore Herman Voss Michael Ramirez Tom Sullivan George Underwood Joe Koplitz Erich Hetzel George W. Marsh Bill Devine George Carter Walker Harris Peter Steehouwer George Jackson Bauer William K. Kaiser Christophe Couturier Jeff Wolford Rick Wolford Harry George Hank Del Percio Keith Johnson Ed Williams Dr. Gordon Ainsworth Leon Jansen Martin Biener Mary Ann Stacy Sergio Costaglia Nick Webster Vinny White Hugh Dow Pamela Feltus Bob Meek Victor Hancock Sherrie Eller Sherertz Paul Draper Ogden Babson Bob Lessard Fred Krause Robert Curtis Brian Bagby Georges Kunzel Glenn Crisp Jarrett Crump Jason Harper Joe Kline Joe Murray Zarm Keljik-Geisenhoff Keith Vizcarra Peter Bezek Randy Kimberly Roger Juglair Ron Holman Ray Bowden Richard Krause Russell Smith Steven Parris Tal Donaldson Tom Callahan Tracy Taylor Dwight Orman Dick Spingler Alexandre Cadel Angelo Baroni Bill Bierds Bob Burger Charlene McGowan Charles Duke Charles Summers Christian Gloor Denver Kissinger Daniele Cammilli Don Jackson Don Phillips Ed Lueddeke Ernest Baldwin Franco Gobbato Francois Grinnaert Lionel Giannini Gerald Rosenthal Harold Yocum John Spoonamore Martin Barsass Monro MacCloskey Robert Spikes Steve Hershberger Walter Cantrell Vicente Vazquez Steve Wiginton Barbara Connolly Vicki Copeland Ralph Truly Michael Hemp Glen Houpt Faye Anderson Coert Munk Barbara Williams Cecile Burandt Charles Burandt Jr. Jacqueline Burandt Lorraine McRae John Fitzgerald Jean O'Connell Vince Mango Jeff Elliott Irving Schaffer Alden West Terry Webb Joe Mitchell Bob Crouse Philip Weiner Frank Dean Barbara Silliman Bob Zulauf Carl Lindberg, Jr. Chris Gilbert Ernest Baldwin Patti Johnson Mary Jane Anderson
Richard Anderson Cherryl Crouch Janice Rosa
Diego Vezzoli Keith Kemp Terri Morris Charles E. Dills Doug Casper

Special Thanks to the staff of the 489th Bomb Squadron Book:

Jack A. Casper, Ver Keljik, Howard Taylor, Walter Greve, Jack G. Mair, William H. Robinson, John H. Cameron, Bernett Kupferman, Oliver C. Burkholder, Frank C. Tenente, William M. Stehle Robert F. McRae, William A. West, Howard J. Garry and Robert L. Gillies. Many thanks to all who have contributed pictures and info. Further acknowledgements appear elsewhere on these many websites. I apologize for any omissions.

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